Driver CPC Training Courses

At JMD Haulage, we understand the importance of ensuring that all drivers of lorries, as well as buses and coaches, carry the necessary qualifications. A Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or Driver CPC is a legal requirement for those driving larger vehicles professionally. As a result, we offer Driver CPC training to enable drivers to obtain the right qualifications and maintain the driving standards required.

With more than four decades in the transport industry, we lead from the front and we now have a team of experts and trainers who can help, through teaching CPC theory and application, to achieve their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence Qualification.

Quality Driver CPC Course for Practical Road Safety

Our Driver CPC Training is focused on ensuring all drivers pass and possess all the relevant knowledge and skills to operate their chosen vehicle. As a company with an excellent reputation, we ensure that we use experienced instructors who understand who we are as a company. As a result, legally drivers will benefit the following from the course:

  • Focused training
  • Health and Safety knowledge
  • Flexible training
  • In-depth training that provides an understanding of all aspects of driving

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Complete Driver CPC Training Courses for Qualified Drivers That Meet Government Requirements

The law requires professional HGV, LGV and PCV drivers to complete 35 hours of training in order to be able to continue operating commercial vehicles. Therefore, we offer a full range of Driver CPC training module to satisfy these requirements.

Our courses cover the following:

  • Safe and fuel-efficient driving
  • Vehicle checks
  • Drivers’ hours and tachograph training
  • Roadside Safety
  • Emergency first aid
  • Basic fire safety and use of fire extinguishers


Why Choose JMD Haulage for CPC Driver Training?

We are a company that takes great pride in the way in which we operate and at the heart of what we do are drivers who are qualified and safe. With many years of experience in the container transport industry, we want to provide drivers with the opportunity of maintaining their qualification or obtaining it, enabling them to continue to operate HGVs, LGVs and PCVs

This qualification is designed to provide drivers with the knowledge and support they need to operate vehicles in accordance with the law and government requirements. Whether it is understanding defects and carrying out checks to understanding weight and dimensions as well as diet, lifestyle and tiredness, every aspect of our CPC course is designed to encourage safety.

As experts in our industry and a company that relies on qualified, trained drivers, we appreciate the importance of CPC training and so, we aim to offer a cost-effective service that is delivered professionally by expert instructors.

To find out more about our CPC training, get in touch with us today.

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