Professional Freight Forwarders

If you are a professional freight forwarder, you need to work with companies that you can rely on. Here at JMD Haulage, we have a fleet of 80 MAN vehicles and work with many freight forwarding companies to provide complex logistics and haulage solutions. Our proximity to Liverpool and its busy international docks means that we are on hand to provide key services for international freight forwarding. If you are looking for a road haulage company as part of your freight forwarding team, you have found us.

Flexible Freight Forwarding Services in Liverpool

Many international freight forwarders are working through Liverpool. With access to the docks, the motorway network, and British airports, Liverpool is a thriving hub of international freight forwarding, and we are proud to work within this network of experienced professionals. We provide reliable and responsible road haulage services and have the capability within our team and the latest state-of-the-art software to ensure that we can provide full logistical support. As experienced road hauliers, we are used to working with freight forwarders and shipping companies to ensure that consignments are collected and delivered promptly to and from docks. We are ideally located near the busy Liverpool docks and have good access to other docks, as well as international airports.

Road Freight Services

We have a fleet of 80 vehicles, including refrigerated units to provide road haulage across the UK and into mainland Europe, with the capabilities to manage our fleet to a high level of customer satisfaction. We are always reliable and maintain high standards at all times. As a family business, we always forge good working relationships with our clients, whether they are end clients or freight forwarders. We have many repeat clients and many who have been us throughout our 40 years of providing road haulage services across the UK and Europe. If you are looking for a road haulage provider as part of your freight forwarding package, then speak to the team at JMD Haulage today.

Working with Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are responsible for all the logistics and arrangements involved with moving cargo across the world. We understand the complexities of international freight and will work with freight forwarders to organise all the relevant documentation for cargo so that it can move seamlessly across international borders. When we work with freight forwarders, we appreciate the challenges that they face, and always work to provide a seamless link in their shipping plan.

Why Choose JMD?

At JMD Haulage we are proud to be a family business, providing road haulage to clients across the world, from our Liverpool office. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our high standards, having been described by Atlantic Container Line as the Gold Standard for container transport in Liverpool. Our high-quality service is rooted in both our experience and our capability, delivered by our tight-knit team. With state-of-the-art logistics systems and a fleet of 80 vehicles, all of which are MAN, we can provide first-class haulage services to every client.

We work with many companies that provide freight forwarding services, as we understand the intricacies and challenges that they face. We know that the logistics of freight services rely on working with reliable haulage companies, to ensure that freight is delivered on schedule. If you are a freight forwarding company looking for a reliable haulage firm to work with, then the team at JMD Haulage is here to help.



1. How much is road haulage?

We provide a tailor-made quote for every client, based on the size and distance of your cargo, as well as any time restraints that you have. When you come to us we will discuss your shipment with you and provide you with a competitive quotation.

2. How quickly can you collect or deliver my shipment?

We will always work to the time scales that you require. Please contact us if you have an urgent collection or delivery required, as we have the flexibility to respond quickly.

3. Do you ship dangerous goods?

As a haulage company, we can work with you to transport your dangerous goods. We have experience in shipping dangerous goods and will ensure that your goods are shipped safely and responsibly with all the necessary paperwork.

4. How do I get started working with you?

To discuss your road haulage needs, simply contact our Liverpool office on 0151 547 6740

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