Frequently Asked Questions

 What is heavy haulage?

Heavy haulage refers to oversized or overweight objects that require movement or transportation but are too large for road travel, for example large pieces of machinery or cranes. Objects are transported by an experienced team who drive specialist vehicles which are able to hold a heavy weight.

What is container haulage?

Container haulage is the transportation of goods from from one destination to another e.g., from suppliers to large consumer outlets using containers which are secured and loaded onto the back of a truck for transportation.

What is the difference between haulage & freight?

Freight is the transportation of objects via land, sea and air and is used regularly by companies who wish to ship or import from abroad. Haulage is the transportation of commercial items via land or rail only. Haulage is an effective way for large companies to transport their goods across the country.

How many types of haulage are there?

The type of haulage required depends on the destination or the type of goods necessitating movement. There are several types of haulage available such as, freight haulage, machinery haulage and local/national/domestic haulage, heavy haulage and container haulage.

What kinds of loads can be transported?

There are many types of loads that can be transported depending on the customers needs and the type of haulage service required. Common objects requiring transportation can include construction or farming machinery, cranes, wind turbines, holiday homes and more.

How does the transportation process work?

There is a requirement for a skilled team with a wealth of experience to ensure the transportation process is dynamic and executed to a high standard. A specialist vehicle will arrive at the selected pick up point, load the items and then transport them to the selected destination.

Why do you need haulage services?

For the movement of heavy, abnormal or large quantity loads, haulage services are the only way they can be conveyed safely and securely. For customers needing to regularly move heavy or abnormal loads, it’s more advantageous cost wise to move one big load rather than several smaller loads.

What areas do you cover?

As a supplier of both local and national businesses, we are versatile enough to adapt to many different specifications and deliver across all UK destinations.

What Warranties/Insurance do I have for my shipments?

For specific warranties and individual insurance policies covered under JMD’s business insurance please contact our office and speak with one of the team. We will more than happily accommodate your request for more information regarding the safeguarding of your shipments.

What vehicles do you have in your fleet?

JMD has a well-constructed fleet of 80 MAN trucks. Our current fleet consists of 7 DAF XF105’s, 68 MAN TGX’s, 5 MERC Actros and 10 Volvo FH XL’s – 3 of which are Explosive standard EX lll. Our fleet is maintained to manufacturers specifications, plated at 44t, contain full telematics and are EURO 6 trucks.

Are your drivers properly licensed and insured?

Yes, all of our drivers at JMD have the correct licensing to drive our trucks and are appropriately insured. Our drivers are also vetted and all hold the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) ensuring they are able to operate our vehicles.

What sizes of containers do you transport?

At JMD we have the ability to transport 20ft, 40ft and 45ft as well as reefer containers. Our comprehensive fleet is reliable and adaptable to accommodate loads of these sizes whilst offering customers peace of mind and a quality assurance their goods are in safe hands.

Do I need a permit to transport my own waste?

Yes, In January 2014 the law for the carriage of waste changed in the UK and now, whether you are transporting any kind of waste for yourself or someone else, there is a requirement to register as a waste carrier.

What is refrigerated transport?

Refrigerated transport vehicles are equipped with inbuilt refrigerator systems to keep the inside temperature controlled. Items such as food or medicines are temperature sensitive requiring the use of refrigerated vehicles. These vehicles are extremely important for businesses as goods can travel for a period of time without the need to freeze them.

Apart from tracking the containers, how can we be sure that the containers are secure and our deliveries safe?

We have the expertise and experience to offer flexible transport options to enable safe deliveries. Our trucks contain the latest technology and are driven by highly qualified employees. We also have a team of management experts to assist with the planning to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

What are the conditions of your vehicles?

All of our vehicles are designed to meet the safety requirements to deliver the best service to our customers. Our drivers carry personal protective equipment on board and all of our vehicles are ADR approved.

Do you offer deliveries in Europe?

No at JMD our fleet operate solely in the UK.

Can you transport dangerous good or prohibited weapons?

Yes, we offer ADR cargo services by road with 50% of our drivers being qualified to move ADR cargo. We also are one of the few UK companies that hold a Section 5 firearms license, enabling us to transport prohibited weapons and ammunition.

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