Container Haulage

JMD have been providing a five-star haulage service for more than 40 years. Throughout this time, we have evolved and adapted to the ever-changing container haulage requirements of our customers.

Everything that we do is based on delivering customer satisfaction. We place a focus on every single detail. That requires intricate management, attention to our customers’ requirements and fully trained drivers to ensure safe and on time deliveries and collections: right time, right place, right condition.

Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, utilising all of those 40 years of accumulated experience and knowledge of the haulage industry, with our vision firmly fixed on the future.

An Extensive Fleet of Vehicles

To deliver our services we operate an extensive fleet of vehicles. We have a fleet consisting of 85 vehicles, all of which are 44-ton trucks, enabling us to:

  • Undertake a wide range of haulage jobs
  • Take on small or large contracts
  • Call on reserve vehicles where required

Wide-scale Capability

We have grown our business by being customer focused. To maximise efficiency, we have implemented the latest systems that enable us to effectively manage every job. This allows us to:

  • Plan routes effectively
  • Implement cost-effective routing
  • Implement schedules that adhere to the requirements of our clients
  • Actively manage and monitor the movement of containers – track and trace
  • Enhance workflow, leading to higher-level efficiency

Experienced Teams

From our drivers through to our operators and depot teams, everything we do comes with experience. Our drivers are vetted and all hold the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), ensuring they are qualified to operate our vehicles. We are proud of the fact that over 50% of our drivers are also ADR trained, allowing us to operate under ADR conditions.

The operators and depot teams work together by adhering to our detailed procedures and processes that actively keep your container transportation moving efficiently.

A Reliable Transportation Experience

A reliable and efficient service is a core requirement of our many customers, and to achieve this we ensure that we:

  • Work closely with our customers to implement feasible solutions
  • Never overpromise and always meet expectations
  • Ensure our teams work together to streamline processes and enhance efficiency
  • Take a transparent approach
  • Communicate regularly with customers


Customer Focused 

Everything we do is designed to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. We encourage our teams to work together to provide a safe and secure service that is both cost-effective and highly efficient. At JMD Haulage we place a focus on:

  • Delivering customer satisfaction
  • Building proactive relationships with customers
  • Implementing forward-thinking processes to aid efficiency
  • Recruiting best-fit team members to continue to build our reputation as industry leaders

We lead from the front in all aspects of container transport in Liverpool and our green credentials indicate that we care about everything we do. If you are seeking a professional, experienced container haulage service then we are confident that we can assist you.

From our experience to our knowledge and our desire to place our customers at the heart of everything we do, we believe that we have a complete service, so why not get int touch to find out more?


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