Haulage is defined as the act of moving goods from one location to another, by road or rail. Road haulage is moving goods by road using lorries, large trucks, or containers. Road haulage is an integral part of the British economy, with thousands of lorries taking advantage of the road systems that cover the country to provide haulage services for businesses across many industries. Whether it is collecting vital medical supplies from central locations and ensuring that they are distributed across NHS hospitals, or collecting fruit from the docks to provide food for our supermarkets, road haulage is a crucial element of the freight system. Businesses need items delivered to them and collected from them, and road haulage provides an efficient way to move goods across the country. Many of the things that we rely on every day are only available to us, because of road haulage.

Top 10 Advantages of Road Transport

There are two types of haulage available, road or rail, but here at JMD Haulage we believe that road haulage is usually the best method for most businesses. We work with companies to move goods across the UK, as well as working with international shipping companies to provide the road haulage section of their logistics. There are many benefits of road haulage, and we will have a closer look at some of these advantages.


Road hauliers travel across the country day in, day out. It is easy and convenient to book a road haulage shipment. Many freight companies offer part loads or will tie in your delivery with an existing route. Road haulage takes place 24/7, with no restrictions on schedules or timetables, making it an incredibly convenient method for moving goods across the country.

Fast Service

Despite occasional days when the motorway network grinds to a halt, our roads are generally excellent. Goods can be moved quickly around the UK, whilst still keeping to the driving legal limits. Using road haulage from door-to-door gives a quick and simple process from collection through to delivery.

Suitable for Short- and Medium-Distance Shipments

Whether you want screws collected from a nearby distributor and bought to your factory, or completed products taken to the docks for ongoing overseas shipment, road haulage is a good choice, for journeys of differing lengths.


If you can be flexible in your timings, road haulage can be exceptionally cost-effective. Most haulage companies will work with you to add your delivery onto another delivery or collect on return to optimise their trips. By being flexible in this way, you can negotiate good deals on your road haulage.

Accessibility and Extensive Road Networks

The road network across the UK is excellent. With main arterial routes crossing the country, combined with extensive A and B roads, almost everywhere is accessible via our road network. Even remote Scottish cottages producing unique goods can access a road network so that they can move their products across the country.

Flexibility in Haulage Scheduling

A good haulage company will always work with you and your schedule. They will be understanding and accommodating towards last-minute changes and requests. Road haulage isn’t reliant on timetables or pre-scheduled departure times, which is the downside of using rail. If you need items delivered by a certain day and time, we will always work with you to ensure that these deadlines are met.

Real-time Tracking and Security

Trusting that your goods are safe and secure during transit is important. We provide real-time tracking and first-class security on all of our fleet. So that you can rest assured about the safety of your goods, and their whereabouts. Our experienced drivers are trained to protect your goods and follow safe practices. Part of the service that we offer to our customers is ensuring that our customers know that their goods are safe and protected whilst in transit with us.

Control over Delivery Execution Time

If you have a delivery deadline, then road haulage is the best choice. Road haulage is reliable, and you have far greater control over the timings than if you choose to use rail haulage. If vital components are needed for the start of a factory shift, road haulage can deliver.

Door-to-Door Delivery Capability

Road haulage is the only form of haulage that provides a door-to-door service. Rail haulage requires the goods to be delivered to the station and collected on arrival at their destination. Road haulage can collect and deliver in one process, without needing to unload and reload your goods.

Lesser risk of Damage

Road haulage is a very safe way to transport your goods. They will be packed safely and securely on collection and will not be touched until they are delivered. If you move your goods by rail, they will need to be loaded, unloaded, reloaded, and finally unloaded. Each move incurs a risk to your goods.

What is a Road Haulage Contractor?

A road haulage contractor is someone whose business is moving goods for others by road. Often, they will own a road haulage business, and their own fleet of lorries, suitable for moving goods across the UK.

What is the Difference Between Haulage and Transport?

Haulage is moving freight, which comprises large deliveries, moved on large lorries, or in containers. Whereas transport refers to packages that are hand-moved by couriers and delivery drivers. A haulage company would deliver thousands of paving slabs to B and Q, whereas a transport company would bring you 10 paving slabs that you had bought from B and Q to your house.

Need Road Haulage? Get in Touch with Us!

Here at JMD Haulage, we pride ourselves on the high level of service and professionalism that we provide to our haulage customers. We work with businesses and individuals across the country and always provide a consistent and reliable haulage service. Many of our customers have been with us for many years, regarding our road haulage as an integral part of their business. No matter the size or scale of the work required, we always treat your goods as if they were our own. We aim to deliver an affordable haulage service while maintaining the high standards for which we are renowned. We have invested heavily in our fleet so that we have the capacity to handle a high volume of work, whilst still giving our customers the individual service that they enjoy. With our range of vehicles, we can choose the most cost-effective way to move your goods across the country. If you want to discuss how we can help you with your haulage requirements, simply call our friendly JMD Haulage team today on 0151 547 6740


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