The average rate per mile for haulage in the UK is currently around £1.50. Remember, this is just an average rate, and many factors can affect the haulage prices. If you are looking for haulage, it is always best to speak to our helpful team here at JMD Haulage, so that we can work out the most cost-effective haulage prices for your requirements.

Factors Influencing Haulage Costs

Haulage costs are influenced by various factors. One of the primary factors is flexibility around collection dates. If you can be flexible with the day of collection, then often your load can be collected on a back load, where a lorry is already making that trip. This will make a huge difference to the haulage rate, as it prevents the vehicle from running back empty on a delivery, which is essentially a wasted trip. Obviously, you cannot always be flexible on dates, but if you can plan to be flexible, you will reap the benefits financially. Another factor that affects haulage prices are tolls, some motorways have tolls on them, which can provide a better quicker route for the lorry, but do incur a cost. The more urgent the shipment, and the quicker that you want it to reach its destination, the greater the rate will be. You will benefit from economies of scale in haulage, whether in quantity or miles. The proportional price to transport two pallets, rather than one pallet, is huge. Always think about how you can arrange your load to be cost-effective.

Volumetric Weight Explanation

Weight is a large factor in haulage rates, however, consider the difference between transporting a box of bricks and a box of feathers in a lorry. The two boxes take up the same space in the lorry, so although the bricks have a greater weight, it would not make sense for the bricks to cost far more to transport. So, the volumetric weight system is used, where the volume of the cargo is multiplied by 250. If this number is higher than the weight in kilos, then the haulage rates will be based on the volumetric weight, not the gross weight.

Trends in UK Haulage Rates

Commercial haulage prices in the UK have been hugely affected by the price of crude oil and the country’s economic situation. In January 2021 oil was $50 a barrel, just over a year later the price had jumped to $140 a barrel. This hike in rates has led to increased prices at the pump. Whilst the global oil price does fluctuate, even when the barrel price drops, it can take a long time for the pump price to follow suit. The price of crude oil has also caused price rises in other areas, so whilst fuel and mileage are obviously a massive factor for shipping goods, so too are labour costs, running costs, and parts for lorries and vans. The global oil price has a wide-reaching impact. The rising costs of commercial transport, make it even more imperative to plan your commercial transport strategically to reduce the costs.

The TEG Road Transport Price Index

The TEG (Transport Exchange Group) Road Transport Price Index gives a monthly overview of the cost per mile for vehicles used across the UK for the courier and haulage industry. This index pulls data from across different supply and demand forces, as well as external factors such as COVID-19, Brexit, and other economic forces. It is used throughout the industry to monitor the state of the transport industry.

Price Guide for UK Haulage

Whilst the average rate per mile is £1.50 for transport in the UK, this can be massively affected by factors. If you are looking to transport a load across the country, it is worth spending time considering how you can do this in the most economical way. If you can manage to organise your load so that it is collected as a back load on a lorry, this will prove extremely economical for your business. We can discuss commercial routes with you where we are commonly looking for a back load on a lorry, and with good organisation, you may be able to reduce the cost of your transport. Looking to reduce costs in your business is particularly important in today’s tricky economic climate.

Road Haulage Challenges and Outlook

The transport industry is vital. Food, medicine, and urgent supplies are transported in lorries and vans around the clock all across the UK. From the salad on the supermarket shelves to the ibuprofen from the chemist, transport is integral to the function of our society. The industry is being severely challenged by the rising crude oil prices, the shortage of drivers, general rising costs, and the issues around the climate. However, transport remains vital to the UK and the wider world. The industry remains positive despite the issues facing it and will continue to fulfil its vital function, overcoming the challenges along the way.

Come to JMD Haulage for all Your Haulage Services

Here at JMD Haulage, we offer road haulage services to many clients across the UK. From our base near the Liverpool docks, we operate an extensive commercial fleet. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a premium service whilst maintaining a low average haulage cost for our clients. Whether you need a full load, an oversized pallet, or a collection from the docks, we can help. We have a range of different weight lorries and vans so that we can always pick the most efficient way to move your load. If you want to learn more about us, or simply call our helpful and experienced team today on 0151 547 6740


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